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david at cincinaWhat does it mean to ‘Balance the Hoof’? Ask any farrier if he balances the hoof and he will say ‘Yes’. Ask him to describe how he does it and he will generally describe very convoluted ways of doing so without having any specific reference points for others to copy. Is balancing a hoof a matter of trimming and shoeing so that it looks right? Is there a simple, prescribed method to balance the hoof? Can it be found in textbooks? What is the method of teaching apprentice farriers to balance the hoof? Do farrier schools have a standard method to balance the hoof? The answer is an emphatic NO. Surely we need to make it simpler for young farriers to learn the simple basics if … Continue Reading ››


Watching the tennis in January illustrated to me how crucial it is for the players to be structurally sound as well as in peak physical form. It is exactly the same for horses – it is hard enough to win at competition level at any time without any physical disadvantages getting in the way.

If you know what to look for, then when looking at a new horse, your eyes should start at ground level and work up. This will save you a lot of time and heartbreak, and ultimately save you a lot of money. Horses are an expensive luxury item, and to own a high maintenance horse is even more expensive.

Eliminate any horse from your consideration if it has any conformation problems.

A conformation problem is one that is bred into the horse and cannot be altered.

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