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Founder or Laminitis is one of the most damaging ailments for the horse‚Äôs hoof. The causes are varied but the effects are always the same with varying degrees of severity. The two main causes are either an over-enriched diet coupled with a lack of exercise, or trauma to the horse through injury or sickness or stress. Founder can be found in nearly any breed nowadays but is still more prevalent in ponies, which have a tendency to be overfed and under worked for their size. Most pastures in the settled areas are far too improved for horses (they were developed for dairy cattle) and are too rich in carbohydrates; this causes a high pulse rate which causes the laminae under the hoof capsule to swell in the toe area (like a blood blister under a thumbnail) and instant lameness. The horse starts to try and walk back on their heels, because this swelling causes the laminae to expand, pushing the sole down and the hoof capsule to turn up. Trauma or stress founder has exactly the same effect; there are countless books on the subject written by specialists in this field, … Continue Reading ››