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I am Australian Accredited Master Farrier with over 50 years of farriery experience ... MORE

Your horse’s well being starts with his hooves – you should never
look at a horse without first looking at his feet. The simple basic principles of Hoof Care are vitally important.  

Everything we do to the hoof must be to ENHANCE the horse’s
natural athletic ability, not to inhibit it.

This web site is to provide information to all horse owners and
hoof carers for the benefit of horses everywhere.

The more I travel the more I see the huge need for owners to
become involved in understanding the horse's hoof. It is my
mission to encourage horse owners to start taking more of an
interest in understanding the horse's hoof as an essential part
of its well-being and performance.
                                                                                   - David Farmilo

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LATEST information and articles

BREAKOVER refers to that moment when the coronary band at the front of the hoof is perpendicular to the ground and the point at which the hoof is then able to leave the ground in its flight upwards and forwards... MORE

Interview with David Farmilo of ABC Hoof Care on "The Farrier Guide"
Q: Can you tell me about your program and school?
A: I teach hoof care for three levels: a two-day course for beginners, a five-day intermediate course for those with mid level experience, and a five-day advanced course for experienced farriers. Most of my beginner students are horse owners frustrated by poor farriery standards and who want to learn to look after their horse’s feet and to understand how correctly balancing the hoof will optimize the flight pattern of the hoof.... MORE

The Idiosyncrasies of Right and Left Handed Horses
Very few farriers, trainers or horse riders think seriously about the left and right handed tendencies of the horses in their care ... MORE

Flares in the hoof: Normal or natural?
There is no such thing as a "normal" or "natural" flare in any horse's hoof. Making a statement like that in public in the 21st century will provoke a predictable reaction... MORE

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ABC of Hoof Related Lameness
ABC of Hoof Care DVD

Clinch Cutter
Sole Chisel

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Balancing the hoof slide presentation.

David's method to correctly
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